Regenwald in Indonesien


Giraffen in Kenia

Kenya project

TreeSisters is supporting the International Tree Foundation’s 20 Million Tree Campaign to work with farmers, women and school children to reforest the denuded and degraded lands which were once part of Mt Kenya’s forest ring and connected Lower Imenti forest. Read more

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Mann, der in Kenia Bäume pflanzt

500 Trees Planted

Before the launch of Schoggibaum, we funded 500 trees with One Tree Planted. Thus, we also plant trees for our give-away chocolate. Read more

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Orangutan Mutter mit Kind

Project Indonesia: Lampung

In collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, our partner One Tree Planted will plant 200.000 trees in the Lampung province, accelerating the ecological benefits of climate-smart practices for sustainably grown coffee, all while providing social and economic benefits to the local communities. Read more

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Winter in Island

Project Iceland: Spákonufell

Due to cool summers and snowy winters the choice of tree species is limited. At first a mix of birch, Sitka spruce and black cottonwood will be planted. In time, when the forest starts to give shelter from the cold and harsh winter storms, there will be improved opportunity to add other tree species. Read more

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