Sweet Impact!

Schoggibaum provides its consumers with the opportunity to make an active, measurable contribution against global warming.  We continuously document the progress of our projects on our web-blog and social media.  

By selling Swiss chocolate, Schoggibaum funds the planting of trees all around the world. To this end, the company cooperates with foundations on the one hand, and develops its own projects on the other hand. In addition to the main objective of  reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the projects pursue  a holistic approach that embraces social and economic goals as well as biodiversity conservation targets.

The enduring protection of forests can only take place with the involvement of the local population. Especially in the tropics and subtropics, where poverty unfortunately is rather common, planting and preserving trees must create value that goes beyond the global benefits of CO2 reduction. Earning opportunities for the local population, resulting from the planting and care of the forest, eco-tourism, wildlife farming, financial participation in CO2 certificates etc., ensure the long-term protection and preservation of the forest.

Christoph mit Kuh

christoph sollberger

As the son of a forest engineer, I have always felt a strong emotional connection with nature, especially animals.  One of my first written papers at university dealt with the topic of sustainability, talking about  the Club of Rome, the Limits to Growth, the Kyoto Protocol and the reduction of greenhouse gases.  Twenty years later, after the Paris Agreement and annual declarations  of intent, we know that there is a lot of talk, but precious little action and even fewer results.   
My goal is to make a concrete, measurable contribution against climate change.  In my quiver I carry  fifteen years of professional experience, Swiss chocolate and the battle cry “Sweet Impact”!

Our Partners

We are in the process of building a partner network, consisting of organizations with a focus on environmental protection, humanitarian aid and education.